Kirakos Mahi

Mongolian Barbarian



Kirakos is a very tall, dark haired main with Asian features and the swarthy complexion of a man who has spent his life on the plains in a hard and Godforsaken land. His age is difficult to determine; he acts like a younger man but his eyes….his eyes reflect a soul that has seen more life and death than a young man should ever witness. Kirakos is a very muscular man and even through his raiment of furs and leathers, the sheer physical power of the man is hinted at. Kirakos has long dark hair, a hue of deep brown and black, and like many of his brethren, has a dark haired mustach adorning his upper lip. He is seldom seen without a longbow and greataxe across his back along with a small curved knife on his belt. Only slightly less often is he seen without his “Pig Sticker” in hand, a long spear looking weapon that appears more for sticking men than any animal.


Kirakos is a disciplined barbarian. A contradiction in terms perhaps, but one that makes him incredibly dangerous on the battlefield.

As a youth he roamed the great eastern plains of the Realms with his people learning to survive in the harsh and unforgiving tundra. His people were nomadic and spent the summer in the far north and migrated south following the herds in the winter time. Kirakos sometimes talks about the skirmishes between tribes but war was not a large part of his formative years. The battles were over resources to survive, nothing more, and he holds no grudges or animosity over those doing what they must to live. It was an amazing time of his life and while he will not speak of those days much he often unknowingly wears a small smile when talking about it.

His expression changes when he reaches the next phase of his life. He believed, like many youth foolishly do, that he is destined for more. That the old ways which have nourished his tribe for centuries was not good enough or right for him. He…HE was special. One winter, he and two of his friends decided to leave the tribe, see the world, and make their fortunes. It did not work out the way he thought it would.

As the trio of young men traveled south they found the world was much simpler, and more complex than they thought. They did not have much in the way of money and lived off the land for food earning some small coin selling the furs of animals they trapped. That did not support a lavish lifestyle though and they continued to journey further away from their homeland looking for what they thought was out there. The further south they traveled, the more difficult their lifestyle became to support. Living off the land became challenging as the land around them became more tame; man owned the land worked it. Game became difficult to find an the owners of the land did not like people taking from their property unasked for. The young men began to argue and fight; this trip was not going as they thought it should and they began to disagree on what to do. Two of the friends wanted to go back. Not Kirakos. Finally, one night, there was a very large argument that turned into a fight. That night sundered the friends and they went their separate ways; the two back towards home and Kirakos carried on going south.

For months Kirakos traveled, taking on odd jobs to try to end meet. The illusory objective he sought never quite found. He eventually realized he was destitute, had no idea where he was going, and needed to stop chasing a chimerical dream and face reality. He was far from home with skills that many in the region didn’t needed. He was barely surviving, had no family, no friends, and no desirable craft skills to support himself. He decided to do the one thing he could; he joined the military.

Initially, he very much balked at the basic war and organization concepts that he was drilled with. That wasn’t his style and he did very poorly at it. It was then that the first stroke of luck occurred; a visionary commander named Comadin decided to organize an irregular troop for special assignments. The style of war and “discipline” appealed to Kirakos; he applied and excelled. This unit merged many different styles of war to achieve success. For the first time he learned to be in the “second” line and was taught the value of intelligent war. Kirakos was usually rage incarnate in battle; now…he was learning to be controlled. The rage was there…but now it was focused. It made him a very dangerous opponent and he won many victories for Comadin.

The challenge for a man like Kirakos is boredom. As the period of strife began to end and peacetime settled in, Kirakos drilled more and more but had no true action for which he craved. His peers talked of families and what they would do after they left the military and settled down. Kirakos had no desire for such things, not yet. He wanted more than a small homestead with a “little woman” and a brood. He was disatisfied with life. Besides which, the meek women of this area were not adequate for his needs. They were too…effete. He left the military and sought adventures elsewhere.

Kirakos Quotes:

The men in my family are strong because the women in my family kill and eat the weak ones.

Run when you have to, fight when you must, rest when you can

Kirakos Mahi

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