A Hymn for Elturgard

A troubled town with a dashing and charming hero

How Fabritzzio saves the day and gets the girls

The crowd of citizens cheered as he arrived upon his gleaming black steed. The man, handsome, chiseled good looks, shining blonde, luxurious hair, piercing green eyes and brilliant smile looked down from his saddle and gave a nodding approval to the mass of devoted followers lining up to greet him and possibly get a chance to touch something that belonged to him.

Fabritzzio dismounted and handed his bridal to the young stable hand, “make sure to look after Delila, she needs a good brushing and feed her the good hay… oil the saddle and gear as well” he pressed a gold piece into the young mans hand… “make sure you tell your mother hello for me”. The boy thanked the hero profusely for the chance to take care of his horse and gear.

Entering the tavern, Fabritzzio looked about finding the beautiful barmaid serving drinks, her smile was wonderful but it lit up when he walked into the room. She rushed over to hug him in a long embrace. ‘“It is I Fabritzzio, I have returned to solve your town’s problems, but first a drink of fine Cormyrier Cognac and the company of this fine woman” he announced to the room as he kissed the barmaid.

Joining the group of companions that he put together to asssit him on these adventures, he entered the back room to find his best friend, Solid, already at a head start with the ale. He was deep in conversation with the dwarven cleric or was it a drinking game? A large human of wild demeanor sat beside the dwarf and to the wild mans left sat a woman with a blindfold… she must be the monk, he heard good things about her… quiet but skilled. The group was rounded out by a surly human in armor, who as it has been heard was the man to call, and a small but curious gnome who brewed good beer.

The food was brought in as the host arrived sitting down with heavy heart to ask for assistance in dealing with the troubles that afflicted the town. He began to list off a number of potential issues but Fabritzzio stopped him when he heard that 5 poor children had been kidnapped from the homes and parties. Insisting that the companions take up the mantle of solving the missing girl predicament, Fabritzzio called for more Cormyrier Cognac to toast the group and start them on their journey of solving this problem the first of many.

Fabritzzio turned to his loyal companion, Solid, and asked him what he thought the best course of action was… Solid was the best bounty hunter known in the realms and it was Fabritzzio who had discovered him. Solid informed Fabritzzio that asking questions of the parents and those who witnessed the abductions would be the best course of action. Fabritzzio led the party from home to home asking excellent questions, gaining much inside into the terrible actions of the vile abductors. It was during this time that Fabritzzio was inspired to talk with members of his guild, deducing that they would have complete knowledge of the inner workings of the vileness that had occurred.

Fabritzzio boldly entered the guild hall and demanded answers from the men in charge of activities in the town. Cowed into submission, the men gave up the scum who’s hands were dirtied by the greed and actions were tainted by cowardice. Fabritzzio quickly gathered his companions and went to confront this coward, finding him stealing food from the poor at a soup kitchen. The man, when confronted fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness from Fabritzzio, telling the companions that he only sold the abductors clothing and that he had no idea that the children would be abducted. Crying pitifully on the ground, Fabritzzio put his hand on the mans head, telling the man that as long as he helped find the girls, everything would be forgiven.

Returning to his inn room, Fabritzzio found the mistress of the vineyard and her assistant waiting for him, having heard of his bravery and bravado, they were there to bask in his success.




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